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key features

Any material, any height, the perfect gauge. Get uniform spacing with The Even Gauge Calculator.

The classic coursing charts, only here, they're custom. Get set gauges for any sized materials.

Taking it one step further, horizontal spacing charts for bond measurements. Any material on earth.

Going even further, we created cut calculators for length and height. More bond cut calculators to come in the future.

Some resources for Masons, Contractors, Architects, Engineers & Designers. This area will be added to over time.



Metric imperial conversion.


All for just about the same cost as a Fancy Latte*

* relative to currency exchange rates & your taste

Image by Taylor Franz
So whats the deal with The Coursing App? Well, it was pretty simple actually. One day on a brick job it was discovered that the bricks specified were a strange size. They were not easily "gaugeable" for coursing or hitting heights. This is a very common problem that gauge tapes for brick coursing attempted to solve for a long time. Problem is, there are probably 5 to 10 different gauge tapes in existence, while there are thousands if not more different materials and hundreds of material dimensions.
In this scenario you need a calculator and time to work things out. You also need the experience to know what you're doing as there are many factors to consider in working out heights. Especially when architectural dimensioning isn't co-ordinated with brick or other masonry dimensions.
There had to be a better way... The result was the creation of The Coursing App, a super simple no-ads and no nonsense App that assists a Bricklayer. Assists with the highest possible levels of accuracy and precision and in turn helps achieve better workmanship along side of production & efficiency.
While The Coursing App was created for bricklayers, it can and should be utilized by architects, engineers and designers. It is a great tool for non-nominal sized material as well as nominally sized material.
The Even Gauge Calculator goes even further than standard gauge charts. Any height, any material- the perfect gauge! The algorithms (fancy word for mathematical formula) for this calculator carry the title of Patent Pending. Yes you read that right, we patented the formula(s) which enable uniform gauging for any material on earth. So don't try and copy them.
Whats the big idea charging for this App? It's simple, to keep the app ad-free, self sufficient as well as make some money, it was decided to charge for it.
How much does a gauge tape cost? How many gauge tapes do you need to cover all the different types of materials? And do your gauge tapes work for any and all materials? Let's not forget The Even Gauge Calculator, you can't do that with a gauge tape. So let those brick gauging tapes rust in your garage. This App is the last "gauge tape" you will ever buy.
What will your purchase get you? We promise that the App as well as all the calculators and tools contained in the App will be yours for as long as there is an Apple App Store & Google Play Store. We will never subtract functionality, or tools from the App. We will however add to the App should it become a success by adding more functionality & more tools.

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Reach out

Feel free to reach out to us if you have a comment, question or have any feedback about The Coursing App. Likewise you can write a review in the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you would like to request additional features, general or specialized trade calculators you can do so with the form to the left also. While we definitely do not promise to make a tool out of every request, the more requests we get for a tool, specific or random, the more chances we will incorporate it into a future release of the app.

The more success The Coursing App sees, the more time & effort we will put into future releases including increased functionality, more features and new tools or calculators, So please share the App with fellow tradesmen.

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Legal info:

The Coursing App, its various tools & calculators, theme & logos are protected by international copyright laws. The algorithm & mathematical process used in The Even Gauge Calculator carries the legal title of Patent Pending.

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